Many people have contributed to the development and creation of the Impacts Hub and there are many more opportunities to get involved.

We have two main groups of contributors, our expert group and our project team.

The expert group is a broader group of experts in impact assessment and health from across the WHO Europe Region. As a larger group we’ve organised several meetings and you can read more about us and our work in some of our blog posts and in the report produced after our meeting in April 2017.

To help us move the Impacts Hub project forward we formed a smaller group who have put more time into creating the website and thinking about its development, this is our project group.

Current membership of the project team includes:

As the project progress we’d like to see more people get involved. If you’re interested in becoming involved there are several ways you can do that. You can review a case study, guideline or training for our databases or contact us with a suggestion for the glossary or web-links pages and with general inquires and comments via the contact us page.

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